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Pro Diagnostic Group, a.s.

Pro Diagnostic Group Company was founded in 2011 and is now the leading provider of health care in radiology and nuclear medicine in private health facilities in Slovakia. We operate diagnostic centres with modalities such as: Magnetic resonance imaging, CT, USG or PET/CT. We achieved our leading position by locating our centres in the best Slovak hospitals and by employing leading radiologists – specialists in specific modalities.

Health centres covered by the company Pro Diagnostic Group, Inc. are equipped with the state of the art imaging technologies, and thanks to skilled medical personnel they manage to implement the most modern diagnostic methods into practice. We currently operate 12 diagnostic centres located throughout Slovakia.

An important vision of the company is to constantly stabilize its position in relation to patients, doctors and insurance companies. We want to be continuously learning company, open to new methods, knowledge and ideas.


9 MRI facilities

(Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography)
Dr. Magnet PET/CT

(CT, X-ray, USG – ultrasonography)
Pro RTG (CT, X-ray, USG)
CT Prešov (CT)


Dr. Magnet –  Kramáre

is one of the most modern magnetic resonance imaging facilities in Slovakia, and was put into operation in 2012 in renovated premises of University Hospital Bratislava in Hospital Kramáre. Facility is equipped with the latest scanner Philips Ingenia 3.0T and at the same time has a quality team of experienced radiologists and radiology technicians. In addition to standard MRI examinations, the center specializes in fetal imaging, neuroimaging, MRI of the prostate and breast imaging.

Medicína Nové Zámky

Historically, the oldest center of magnetic resonance imaging belonging to Pro Diagnostic Group was put into operation in 2003 in the building of University Hospital in Nové Zámky. After the renovation in 2013, it was equipped with modern diagnostic magnetic resonance scanner Philips Ingenia 1.5T. Team includes experienced and erudite radiologists and medical staff.

MR Žilina

is in operation from 2012 and after complete renovation in 2014 has became the cutting-edge facility of magnetic resonance imaging in the Žilina region and one of the most modern in Slovakia at the same time. Highly erudite team with years of experience in the field uses the latest Siemens MAGNETOM Spectra 3,0T which is a guarantee of usage of inventive methods and clinical applications in order to provide the most accurate diagnostic imaging for patients and clinicians.

Pro Magnet – Prešov

Magnetic resonance imaging facility started its activities in 2005 in the premises of the University Hospital in Prešov. It is equipped with modern Philips Ingenia 3.0T scanner. Assurance of successful operation is provided not only by modern diagnostic equipment, but especially by experienced team of doctors – radiologists and radiological technicians with years of experience in MRI diagnostics.

Dr. Magnet – Ružinov

is providing healthcare since 2004 in the premises of University Bratislava in Hospital Ružinov. Facility is equipped with modern MRI scanner Philips Ingenia 3.0T. It has quality team of experienced and erudite doctors-radiologists and radiology technicians.

MR Levice

The newly opened facility provides magnetic resonance imaging since 2014 in the premises of the Hospital Levice and is equipped with scanner GE Signa 1.5T HDX, which enables high quality diagnostic imaging and comfort of examined patient. Facility is operated by experienced radiologist and medical team.

MR Poprad

launched in 2006 in Poprad in the premises of Hospital Poprad. Facility is equipped with PHILIPS 3,0T Ingenia Omega HP. Quality of examination is guaranteed by experienced radiologists and radiology technicians.

Pro Magnet – Košice

By putting this center into operation in 2012, the company strengthened its position in Eastern Slovakia. The facility is equipped with Philips Ingenia 3.0T. Diagnostic center is located in the building of the East Slovak Cancer Institute in Košice.

Dr. Magnet – Ružinovská poliklinika

The newly opened MRI centre of the company is Dr. Magnet – Ružinovská poliklinika, which has been operating since February of 2020. Center situated in Ružinovská poliklinika, a.s. is the third MRI centre of the company in Bratislava. The facility is equipped with PHILIPS 1.5T Ingenia Omega HP MRI machine, whose technology enables high image quality and imaging diagnostics.

All magnetic resonance facilities have contracts for the provision of health care with all health insurance companies in Slovakia.

All of the facilities are interlinked with each other and are using system PACS and Telerádiologické centrum T3Callowing to transfer images on-line and to consult several experts from our facilities in the assessment of challenging cases. Our facilities are connected to hospital information systems of the key hospitals by sending electronic requests and reports between the information systems. This brings a substantial increase of comfort and speed of the doctor’s work in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

We operate a unique web portal for online communication between referring physicians and our magnetic resonance facilities – 


Dr. Magnet – PET/CT centrum

PET/CT Centre is a successful Dr. Magnet’s “public-private” project in cooperation with BIONT company. This diagnostic centre is a state of the art medical facility of nuclear medicine in Slovakia. The project associates years of experience of the top-class staff with the latest technology PET / CT scanner Philips Gemini TF 64 system, which allows to increase the number of patients examined and to significantly reduce the wait time for examinations. In addition, it has brought also a significant radiation dose reduction, thus protecting patients’ health.

In 2014 started routine evaluation of patients with brain tumors, using a radiopharmaceutical11C-methionine. Since November 2014 our facility is using also another positron radiopharmaceutical – 18F-choline for the diagnosis of prostate cancer recurrence, which is unique in the whole Slovakia.



The Pro RTG company is a modern private healthcare facility that offers comprehensive diagnostic services in the field of radiology – computed tomography, X-ray and ultrasound examinations. This facility is a guarantee of usage of inventive methods and clinical applications in order to make the most accurate diagnosis for patients and referring physicians. Facility uses the latest model of computed tomography device CT Philips MX 16 EVO, which provides reduced radiation dose to patients during examinations. Thanks to 16-detector rows the examination time is significantly reduced.

Ultrasonography examinations are performed on Philips ultrasound devices CLEAR VUE 550 and Philips CLEAR VUE 650. These ultrasonic devices are suitable for all types of ultrasound examinations and in addition are featured with 3D. They are excellent diagnostic tools.

Our X-ray equipment SIEMENS MULTIX Compact K allows all routine examinations. The device provides high image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose and lowest load for the patient. The device also includes a special system settings for pediatric examinations.

CT Prešov

Facility uses device CT Siemens Somatom Sensation.